Incivility reigns supreme

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It is really disheartening to take a walk in the middle of nature and observe a myriad of waste abandoned on the ground.

Among majestic trees, clearings, meadows and expanses of fields appear plastics of all kinds and kinds, construction scraps, litter and an indefinite amount of masks, in the face of all this one really wants to desire the extinction of the human race.

That same race that in such a difficult moment should have compacted and rediscovered the desire for union and cooperation to help each other to be reborn to a new life; a life more sensitive to the needs of the other and to the environment.

Unfortunately, however, selfishness reigns supreme; each thinks only of himself and his own advantage, and nothing more.

Where has the vaunted humanity gone? Is it the result of intelligence, cognitive ability, feelings and emotions?

That humanity we pride ourselves on and which springs from a symbolic phrase, when we want to express all our appreciation for someone by praising them in this way: "How human you are!”

On the contrary, when we want to show all our contempt we often use this statement: "You are such an animal!”

Symbolic phrases that contain a concrete reality. An unhealthy and completely misleading view if you want real change. The time has come to realize that the human being is not the Divine, the undisputed master of everything, we must descend from the top of the evolutionary pyramid and become aware that we are no different from any other living form.

A belonging to the animal kingdom of which we no longer have any perception, having lost its peculiarities. Some animal species are able to cooperate for a common purpose, to experience emotions, empathy and feelings, all characteristics, which at present cannot be said to belong to the human race.

Unfortunately, it is hard to understand that if you do not respect the Other, intense not only as an individual of the same species, but also of different species, and especially if you do not respect the environment, there can never be a future.

The one is worth nothing.

One can do nothing.

The one is nothing.

The one is alone!

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