They told me: "He is a good horse. It responds to every command. "

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They told me: "He is a good horse. It responds to every command.”

But, this didn't interest me at all. 

I didn't need a being who responded to my every order, like an inanimate object, emptied of its own personality.

I wanted you, because it is you; a horse with a painful past and a sparkling personality that just wanted to express itself, without being subjugated.

Day after day we gave ourselves, without reserve, to each other, showing everything about us; our strengths and our weaknesses.

Time and patience healed old wounds and we became friends.

You won't have to skip them.

You will not have to participate in races.

You won't have to carry me on the back.

You will not have to obey any request.

You will live free in large spaces with others like you.

You will be free to be yourself: always!

And we will share life together while remaining who we are.

I will be your human companion and I will remain by your side as long as you want.

Because you flow inside me like lifeblood, and I will always take care of you.

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