Wash a printed T-Shirt

How to wash a printed T-shirt

Washing your printed t-shirt is easier than you think. If this is your first time, wash it by hand in cold water: it is not strictly necessary, but it is recommended. Otherwise, proceed with the classic washing machine. First thing to remember: always wear your t-shirt upside down. In this way, the print will wear less and have a much longer life, avoiding hitting the basket, scratching with metal objects such as jeans buttons and bras hooks or losing pieces. Set the temperature to maximum 30 degrees and do not use the centrifuge. Do not dry clean your t-shirt and do not use bleach at all.

It may seem like too many precautions, but this way, the shirt will last up to a hundred washes.

How to iron a printed t-shirt

Absolutely do not put the iron directly on the print - it seems silly, but for most people it is instinctive to iron the image on the shirt. G.irate the shirt inside out and iron it quietly. This is the simplest way. Otherwise, apply a damp cloth over the print: only then can you place the iron on the t-shirt. In any case, avoid too high temperatures, and your print will be perfect as at the time of purchase. And you can continue to wear it with pride.